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Hosting Program Going on Hiatus

The bottom line: Our no cost web hosting program is going on hiatus. All client sites should make new hosting arrangements by June 30th.

Irth Networks has been hosting not-for-profit websites at no cost for nine years. We're proud that we've been the internet home for a wide array of people and organizations. Children's museums, card game creators, high school libraries, get out the vote groups, music fans, churches, and youth groups, just to name a few! It's been quite a ride!

Nine years is a long time, especially in internet terms, and it's time to take a break.

We encourage all sites to make new hosting and email arrangements by June 30th.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of our Internet community!

If you have general questions or comments please send an email to IrthNet Support.

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Security Compromise Necessitates Prompt Action

The security of the Irth Networks primary server was compromised on Thursday, February 23rd. In order to contain the breadth of the intrusion as well as to protect existing client data the server was immediately removed from service. Unfortunately this resulted in the downtime of multiple websites including Irth Networks' primary web and email server.

Readon for details of the site restoration process and well as specifics regarding intrusion.

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Recent Downtime and Resulting Actions Explained

The Irth Networks primary server has been performing poorly due to the results of user attacks on various customer's installations of phpbb. These attacks are affecting many IrthNet clients and hence resolution must be swift.

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Server Transition

In order to continue to provide the high levels of service that you expect of Irth Networks we're rolling out new servers. This will require that some sites transition to other systems.

The site operators impacted will be notified to arrange a convenient time for the transition.

The plan is to provision the new equipment over the next few weeks and then begin transitioning over client sites on a site-by-site basis. This should take approximately 6 weeks with expected completion by December 1st 2005.

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We're At Capacity

In order to ensure that we provide a reasonable level of service to our clients we're no longer able to accept new account/site requests.

Keep an eye on our homepage for information on when additional capacity will enable the acceptance of new account/site applications.

Thanks for everyones support in meeting our mission.

Please direct questions to IrthNet Support.

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